About this Site

Welcome one and all. Mostly all. One ain’t gonna cut it. This site will represent the best of repertory cinema in the five boroughs and as far as half an hour outside them, and all reachable by mass transit. I will not list every film in every festival, every rep screening in every theater. Instead I will list what I believe are the most exclusive, elusive, unmissable screenings month by month, based on the following criteria;

The film must be a minimum of 25 years old.

The film was designed, more so than others, to be viewed on the BIG screen.

The film is rarely screened.

The film deserves a communal viewing.

The film is being presented in an exclusive form, such as a restoration or a director’s cut.

The film is being hosted by a person of significance to the screening or to the art form itself.

I will also provide a weekly column to break down the film skeds. The first Monday of the month will provide an overview, as well as a tying together from various fests and revivals a theme for the month. In other words if three different venues are screening Fellini films, or two separate movies shot by Jack Cardiff are in different theaters, or multiple German New Wave films are showing around town, I will collect them into my own film festival and give what I hope will be some pertinent info about said fest.

The other three Mondays that month I will select what I deem that week’s unmissable screening, and make my case for your leaving the ass-indent of your futon to lay down yer ten bucks and geek out to a masterpiece.

This site is a work in progress, and we hope to bring you even more services of use to the NY film fanatic in the coming months. Until then we hope you are informed and entertained by our site and that, if not already, you’ll be inspired to catch more classic screenings in the greatest city in the world. Excelsior, knucklehedz!